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ELS and Elation light inaugural “Holiday Wonders” at Bowie Nature Park

ELS was approached by the city of Fairview to create and run the show after an initial contractor pulled out, which gave the design and production company only two short months to get everything together. With such a short time frame to work under, ELS accessed their inventory of Elation lighting gear with a few supplement purchases such as 25,000 LED pixel lights. According to ELS President Austin Grundberg, prep and programming took over 1,000 hours, including over 250 hours of animation. Load in and setup took eight workers two weeks to complete.

Bowie Nature Park features a canvas of beautiful pine and oak forest and ELS used their inventory of 36 SixPar 200 IP™ color changers to uplight the canopy. Besides lighting treetops, tree lines and branches, the versatile six‐ color Par lights also lit signage and entrance tents. Tree lines were also illuminated using 12 IP65‐rated Paladin™ luminaires, all‐weather strobe/wash/blinder lights that ELS acquired specifically for that purpose. “With their power, we could use them from longer distances to light huge areas,” Grundberg said.

ELS utilized their in‐house fabrication shop to custom build pole mounts that they strapped onto trees 25 feet up and mounted with Proteus Rayzor 760™, Artiste DaVinci™ and Platinum HFX™ moving heads, the latter two with vinyl rain covers. “These proved great as it allowed us to get moving light effects from high above,” Grundberg says.

A 33‐foot tall Christmas tree adorned with pixel lights formed the centerpiece of the show, a focus area that Grundberg complemented with a semi‐ circle of ground‐based DTW Blinder 350 IP™ 2‐lites and Platinum Beam 5R Extremes™, which the designer cleverly covered with vinyl pop‐up green houses.

Lining four adjacent trees were compact Rayzor 360Z beam moving heads outfitted with rain covers while 18 Chorus Line 16™ LED battens formed a tunnel of light. The show ended up using 100 moving lights with 91,648 channels of control.


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