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Elation TruTone Technology a pioneering advancement in lighting fidelity

Elation’s Research & Development department embarked on a development project that spanned several years to tackle the challenge of achieving the perfect balance between color accuracy and intensity. The result is TruTone Technology, a groundbreaking advancement that allows designers to adjust CRI from a single fixture in order to find the best lighting fidelity.

Achieving that perfect balance between brightness and color accuracy is an issue that has persisted in the entertainment lighting industry for years and holds significance for lighting designers and rental houses alike.

Traditional LED engines, with their fixed CRI values, have fallen short in delivering a comprehensive spectrum, leaving designers and gear providers with inflexible options. Despite the industry’s numerous attempts to address this shortfall, the ideal solution has remained elusive.



The core concept behind TruTone is ingeniously simple yet profoundly impactful: a fusion of high and low white CRI LEDs into a single, high‐ density optical array that allows for CRI adjustments across a range from CRI 70 to 93. The system blends light smoothly with no switching or stepping and without any visible artifacts or disruptions in color temperature. Its advantage—the flexibility to adjust color rendering in a single fixture to cater to various lighting needs while presenting a new approach to fine‐ tuning the tone and depth of color— makes the system wholly unique.

Unique flexibility

Since the TruTone system enables the adjustment of CRI from a single fixture, it not only accommodates a broad spectrum of applications but also eliminates the need for multiple fixture variants to achieve precise color representation. No longer is the designer stuck with the choices he or she made in the type of LED engine. A lighting fixture can play a dual role in a single show. Whether it’s illuminating a presenter with high CRI keylight then repositioning to a rock band for full‐on power looks; or illuminating a car at an auto show then repositioning onto a DJ at high output, TruTone’s seamless CRI transitioning is unique and is the only system in which this is possible.

Proteus Odeon and beyond

TruTone’s adjustable fidelity opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to fine‐tune the tone and depth of colors with unparalleled precision. Elation’s new Proteus Odeon framing profile moving head is the first lighting fixture to feature the new TruTone system, and the technology will be implemented into other Elation fixtures moving forward.

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