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850W Variable CRI LED IP66 Framing Profile with CMY

The PROTEUS ODEON™ is a powerful yet compact IP66‐rated LED profile fixture offering outstanding projection and beam qualities in any environment.

Providing up to 30800 lumens output from its custom‐designed Variable CRI LED engine, the PROTEUS ODEON is the ideal fixture for any outdoor or indoor application requiring superior output, bright and powerful beams, and quiet operation, as well as stunningly precise gobos and colors.

The TruTone variable CRI allows selecting the best blend of light output and color accuracy, depending on the requirement of the show or scene. It is seamlessly adjustable from CRI 70 to CRI 93.

PROTEUS ODEON provides the designer a comprehensive FX package with 13 rotating and 7 fixed glass gobos, full animation wheel, overlapping dual prisms, dual frost and a high‐speed iris. Its indexable framing system allows full‐ blackout shutter cuts for precise beam shape control.

With a fast zoom range from 5.5° to 50° out of an impressively compact fixture design, the PROTEUS ODEON has the power to cut through and make a statement on any stage.

Fully sealed from dust and water, it is a rugged fixture for a wide variety of applications.

The PROTEUS ODEON ships in a cardboard box with a custom‐fitted polyurethane foam FIL (Foam In Lay) insert. The foam insert easily fits into a custom flight case (not included) and provides enhanced impact protection during transport.


·     Features IP66 Outdoor Rated

·     High Efficiency 850W 6,500K Variable CRI White LED Engine

·     TruTone remote CRI Adjustment up to CRI 93

·     Up to 30800 Total Lumen Fixture Output

·     Flat Field Engine for precise projection at long distances

·     CMY Color Mixing and Variable CTO

·     5‐Position Color Wheel with UV Filter

·     Complete FX System featuring Dual Rotating and Fixed Gobo Wheel, Animation, Iris, Dual Prism, Dual Frost

·     Indexable Full Blackout Framing System

·     Wide Zoom Range from 5.5° to 50°

·     FIL (Foam In Lay) Polyurethane Foam Packaging Included

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