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Complete Audio invests in GLP’s next generation of impression X5 Bars

Berlin‐based Complete Audio has been offering turnkey solutions for concerts, tours, trade fairs and events of all kinds for over 30 years. The company also operates a dry hire service for event technology.

After many years of positive experience with GLP’s impression X4 Bars, which were always in high demand in the rental business, the company recently decided to renew its LED Bar inventory with impression X5 Bar 1000.

“Since the X4 Bars have served us extremely well for a long time, with the introduction of the impression X5 Bar 1000 it just made sense for us to invest in the new product,” says Tommy Mennel from Complete Audio.

With the impression X5 Bar 1000, GLP transfers the outstanding colour mixing and precision of the X5 Series into the globally successful linear format that made the X4 Bar the industry standard.

Equipped with 18 powerful 40 watt RGBL LEDs, the impression X5 Bar combines a wide zoom range (3.5°–60°) with GLP’s iQ.Gamut colour calibration algorithm, which produces perfect white spectra with excellent colour reproduction. The new square lens design ensures maximum lumen efficiency and creates fantastic light curtains through to homogeneous colour washes. As part of the new X5 Family, the X5 Bar 1000 offers an extensive feature package – including selectable calibrated colour temperatures, a tungsten simulation channel, magenta/green shift, a virtual colour wheel and variable CTC, as well as layer effects with numerous dynamic pattern macros. In addition to the impression X5 Bar 1000 and impression X4 Bar, Complete Audio also has the popular hybrid strobe JDC1 in its inventory.

Describing his experience working with GLP products, Tommy Mennel says: “The devices have been a hit for us for years, and the older models continue to be in great demand. Since they are also very reliable, we are definitely looking at a worthwhile investment.”


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