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China·Dream·Ode to the Motherland Gloshine Technology's big screen lights up CCTV "2021 National Day

On October 1st, we welcomed the 72nd birthday of New China. The CCTV devoted itself to creating "

China·Dream·Ode to the Motherland — 2021 National Day Special TV Shows”, Gloshine Technology provided nearly 1,000m2 LED display screens for the evening party. Praise the great motherland, sing the movement of the times, and send sincere blessings to the motherland. In just ten days, Gloshine Technology shines on CCTV stage many times, which is not only the recognition of Gloshine's strength, but also a powerful driving force for Gloshine's continuous innovation and development. Gloshine Series 3.47 screen, as the main screen of the evening party, dedicated a picture scroll of "a hundred years' journey is vigorous, relay struggle and start again" to the national audience with ultra‐clear picture, stable display and bright colors. The integration of high‐ tech audio‐visual technology fully brings out the expressive force of the stage in generate, and the integration of real‐life shooting and virtual audio‐visual technology creates an immersive stage effect. A journey across time and space breaks down the barrier of time and space, crosses the journey of wind and rain, and witnesses a hundred years of prosperity.

Gloshine AR Series 4.81 is laid on the stage floor. Gloshine AR Series 4.81 super wear‐resistant black tempered glass mask, Rock‐solid, compressive and wear‐resistant, the display of each pixel seems to jump in the air. On the stage full of imagination and expressive force, the light and shadow are brilliant, the reality and reality are combined, the aesthetic feeling of art is integrated with the hard core of science and technology, and the sound, scenery and people jointly convey the strength of New China to climb the peak bravely, and the new atmosphere of the new era is laid out.

Gloshine ZM Series 3.91 is used in the ring above the stage. With the changing theme of the program, the visual effect of the display screen matches the stage performance, which makes the stage fuller and provides more visual changes for the performance. As a professional beauty dance product, ZM Series has powerful functions and can meet almost all the requirements of the stage, so it has appeared in Spring Festival Evening, New Year's Eve and other large‐scale activities several times.

The main line of the evening party is three chapters: "One Hundred Years of Prosperity, Sharpening the Initial Mission", "Be tempered into steel, Striving to Achieve Dreams" and "Make still further progress, Embracing a New Journey". The representatives of the three generations of literary and art workers in the old, middle and young are full of deep feelings and patriotic feelings, and performers from all ethnic groups gather together to indulge in singing and dancing, stir up patriotic beliefs and give blessings to the motherland together.

With a thousand years of greatness in mind, it is a century of glory. In 2021, we stand at the historical intersection of "two hundred years", forge ahead without forgetting the initial intention,about to embark on a new journey!


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