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Cameo ZENIT® W600 SMD

IP65 LED Outdoor wash lights in RGBW and Daylight versions

Cameo is expanding its product portfolio of IP65‐certified LED outdoor wash lights with the release of the new ZENIT® W600 SMD in RGBW and Daylight versions. Lighting designers, event technicians and rental companies will benefit from their suitability for outdoor applications, as well as their particularly high light output and maximum flexibility. These new additions to the ZENIT Series are designed for use at medium‐sized to large indoor and outdoor events, as well as for lighting TV shows.

The new outdoor SMD LED wash lights are available in two versions: the ZENIT® W600 D SMD Daylight, and the ZENIT® W600 SMD RGBW.

The ZENIT® W600 SMD RGBW delivers a rich luminous flux of up to 41,000 lm. A total of 504 SMD 4‐in‐1 LEDs deliver precise, high‐resolution colours and colour blends across the entire RGBW spectrum. With its CRI index of 85, the ZENIT W600 SMD also ensures natural colour reproduction. When it comes to colour temperature, lighting technicians have an adjustable bandwidth of between 2,700 and 6,500 K at their fingertips. The 12 independently controllable LED segments facilitate the creation of colourful effect images and running lights.

The Daylight model is equipped with 576 SMD white light LEDs, which provide an enormous output of up to 90,000 lm. For this purpose, the boost mode increases light output significantly for short periods. A total of 48 segments can be controlled separately via Pixel Control, which provides lighting designers with

enormous potential for creative effects. Based on high‐resolution 16‐bit technology, four dimmer curves are also available, which allow the dimming characteristics of classic halogen lamps.

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