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Cameo lights up Jekyll & Hyde Musical from Broadway Entertainment

The Rehberghalle in Roßdorf, Germany, was transformed into a musical stage when under the direction of Broadway Entertainment e.V., young people from the local area created the “Jekyll & Hyde” musical, which can easily hold its own against internationally renowned productions in Hamburg, Stuttgart or Berlin. For the lighting design of the horror drama by Robert Louis Stevenson, the team – led by lighting designers Benedikt Vogel and Kilian Scheiding – relied on numerous Cameo spotlights from the OPUS, ZENIT and F Series. All the event technology was provided by Pfungstadt‐based MKM Event Show Technik.

Broadway Entertainment e.V. has been staging impressive show productions for quite a few years now. Sunset Boulevard, Dracula, Chaplin and Shrek, among others, recently celebrated their musical premiere in the Rehberghalle. “The location itself is one of the biggest challenges,” reveals Kilian Scheiding, Deputy Technical Manager and Light Operator for Jekyll & Hyde.

“The Rehberghalle is an ordinary sports hall that we have to turn into a musical theatre every year. In addition to that, the hall has a restricted height of just 5.60 metres.”

After the production technology team’s positive experience with Cameo OPUS S5 Spot Moving Heads during their previous production, Scheiding and Vogel were also able to rely on the OPUS X PROFILE for Jekyll & Hyde. “The OPUS X is used as a front and side light and delivers great results when used as an effect light from behind,” says Kilian Scheiding.

In accordance with the dark overall atmosphere of the story and the low‐ key style with its stark contrasts, the lighting designers mainly immersed the stage in a desaturated cool white light from the Cameo F Series. The F2 D Fresnel spotlight was the daylight specialist here, while the F4 FC, with its RGBW LED as a backlight, provided both cool white and red accents to the stage lighting.

Cameo products were used :

12 x OPUS X Profile Moving Heads 06 x OPUS S5 Spot Moving Heads

16 x F2 D Fresnel Daylight Spotlights with Daylight LEDs

06 x F4 FC Fresnel RGBW Spotlights 02 x ZENIT W600 Wash Lights

Photos © Nico Moser


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