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Bosch Security & Safety Systems hosts another successful Partners Meet 2023 in Singapore

On March 24 at the Ramada hotel, Bosch Security & Safety Systems hosted a successful Bosch Partners Meet event. Our partners' engagement with the Singapore team is fantastic after a long break from virtual meetings. The sessions focused on business and organisational updates, with updates from Business Units – Security and Communications.

The Business Unit Communications covered the most recent technological advancements in pro sound, public address, and conference systems. Details on the product demonstrations include the hybrid meeting functionality on the DICENTIS Conference System and a specially developed 10‐inch Delegate touchscreen. An OMNEO transmitter has been added to the DICENTIS system.

For pro sound, the EVERSE 8 and EVOLVE 50 battery‐powered column speaker systems, as well as the latest Dynacord V600:4 four‐channel amplifier, were also on display. There was also a listening demonstration of the EVC‐1082, EVC‐1122, and ZX1i speakers in 4‐Ohm and 100‐volt line mode with and without subwoofers.

The PRAESENSA PA system has the ability to override the sound live systems, broadcasting pre‐recorded messages, live announcements, or emergency alerts to both Bosch PA and Electro‐Voice speakers under the Public Address segment. The PXI‐Core and PRAESIDEO/ PRAESENSA integration are also demonstrated, together with the newly launched IP Horn speaker.

The event concludes with a networking dinner and a performance by local singing duo – Jack & Rai. With Electro‐ Voice’s EVERSE 8 and microphones, the partners had a lovely evening with good food and music.


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