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Bosch Security and Safety Systems hosts Partners Meet 2022 in Singapore

It was a good sign the AV manufacturers in Southeast Asia are on the road to pre- pandemic activities when Bosch Security and Safety Systems' Singapore office recently hosted face-to-face (F2F) meetings with local partners for the first time in over two years, since the pandemic began. Two half- day sessions for their pro sound, public address, and conference systems partners were held on March 30 and 31, and everyone who attended wholly agreed that it was a fantastic feeling to meet and network in a physical group setting, not to mention to have actual hands-on with the new products that were introduced during this event.

The new products were ably presented done by Jeremiah Joseph (Sales & Marketing Manager for ProSound & Conference), David Chu (Sales & Marketing Manager for Public Address), Daniel Quek (Product Marketing for Public Address), and Edward Chia (Product Marketing for Conference).

Both sessions were focused on business and organizational updates, with product demonstrations including PRAESENSA Advanced Public Address Server (APAS) and Advanced Public Address License (APAL), hybrid meeting functionality on the DICENTIS Conference System, SONICUE Sound System Software, and the EVOLVE 50M column speaker system.

Demonstration of Dynacord SONICUE software for system integrators and sound engineers. Simplified user interface offers operators immediate access to all sound system parameters, including loudspeaker settings. Its MXE Matrix Mix Engine-based system logic provides complicated system functions for control, monitoring, and supervision without programming experience. The system designer can provide the end-user with customized controls. Panel viewer apps for PCs, TPC-1 touch panel controllers, and iOS devices let users operate their own control panels.

PRAESENSA's Advanced Public Address Server (APAS) was also shown. It allows an operator client, like a laptop or tablet, to communicate with the PRAESENSA system over IP. Intuitive graphical user interface managed by mouse or touch screen. A USB or Bluetooth headset can be used for voice announcements and audio monitoring. A secure internet connection for internet radio, music streaming, and text-to- speech services is also provided.

Connected to the Dynacord MXE5 Matrix mix engine, the PRAESENSA PA system may override the Pro-sound live systems, broadcasting pre- recorded messages, live announcements, or emergency alerts to both Bosch PA and Electro-Voice speakers.

The DICENTIS system was configured in a hybrid meeting configuration. The Conference system was linked to the UC software (unified communications) system, allowing the far end to be heard on the delegate unit without the use of additional loudspeakers. Having this capability would enable the UC software (unified communications) system to send and receive clean and clear audio.

They also discussed how you can combine PRAESENSA and MXE into a single system. This integration can be used in the case of a silent discussion room where everyone wears headphones to hear the discussion and then there is a fire evacuation announcement, which can be fed back into the DICENTIS conference system. This is the power of our solution's integration.

The team at Bosch’s Singapore office would like to thank all their partners who joined the Partners Meet event and is looking forward to hosting more F2F activities in the coming months.


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