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Ayrton WildSun K9 Wash - The compact must‐have fixture for all broadcast applications

Ayrton is delighted to announce the launch of its new WildSun K9 Wash, the latest fixture in its Multisources 9 Series. A powerhouse of technology and innovation, WildSun K9 Wash is particularly suitable for television, sporting events, fashion shows, car shows, or any prestigious events requiring powerful, high‐quality light and perfectly rendered colour. Compact and sleek WildSun K9 Wash is a highly evolved variant of Ayrton’s WildSun K25 TC, specially geared to shooting TV video and broadcasting in high‐definition. With a brand new sleek design and a visual footprint 20% smaller than its predecessor, WildSun K9 Wash’s weight has been drastically reduced by 25%, allowing for better integration.

Flicker‐free, powerful and efficient This uniqueLED luminaire measuresup to the classicFresnel HMI 4000 lights in terms of pure output. Fitted with 217 next‐generation high‐output LEDs, the luminaire delivers more than 60,000 lumens of overall output with 40% less energy consumption – and does not require lamp replacements. Producing extremely high‐quality, flicker‐free light, this luminaire achieves a colour temperature perfectly calibrated at 5700K and a colour rendering index greater than 92. WildSun K9 Wash renders the colour and grain of skin impeccably as well as the textures and surfaces of material.

Accurate positioning

WildSun K9 Wash has the same basic specifications as WildSun K25 TC, and is equipped with powerful tri‐phase stepper motors that allow fast, accurate and silent positioning.

Fantastic optics

AYRTON has developed special silicone‐ based high‐output optics for this projector, ensuringperfect stability over time. Its optical zoom has a 6:1 ratio with a zoom range of 10° to 60°. Luminous intensity can be fine‐tuned using a precision electronic dimmer, for even greater flexibility of use. The light output system is equipped with a protective holographic filter in polycarbonate and a honeycomb system to prevent glare.

The user can control each concentric circle individually to adjust the luminaire’s power and beam size accordingly or createdynamic effects for stage lighting.

Powerful, robust and remarkably easy to use, WildSun K9 Wash offers the highest efficiency and weight‐to‐power ratio on the market, and is ideal for major events and show, television, concerts and arenas.

Click this link for more information at or watch the videohere


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