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Ayrton sponsors interviews for Women in Lighting: Sooner Routhier and Emmanuelle ‘Gigi’ Pedron

Ayrton is an active sponsor of the Women In Lighting (WIL) project with the aim of promoting the work of women lighting designers across the entertainment industry, showcasing the skills and capabilities of these talented women, celebrating their achievements and encouraging others to become involved. One of the most interesting ways of raising awareness of WIL is by sharing the inspirational stories of those women already working in lighting, and WIL interviews – of which there are in excess of 160 on the website ‐ are a major facilitator of this.

WIL has recently released two new Ayrton‐sponsored interviews with women lighting designers: Nashville‐ based Sooner Routhier, an award‐ winning designer, producer and director, who has worked with an impressive list of headline artists including KISS, The Weeknd, Motley Crüe, Muse, Rhianna and, currently, Coldplay; and LA‐based Emmanuelle ‘Gigi’ Pėdron, a French‐born lighting designer who has worked with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, My Chemical Romance, Garbage and Prince.

Sooner Routhier

Routhier is a creative powerhouse in the live music industry and, through Sooner Rae Creative, has redefined entertainment lighting and production, whilst also mentoring bright new talent. In her interview with WIL co‐founder, Sharon Stammers, Routhier talks about her initiation and pathway into lighting, her inspirations, collaborations and creative processes.

Listen to the full WIL interview with Sooner Routhier here:

Emmanuelle ‘Gigi’ Pedron Celebrated for weaving art and spontaneity into her lighting designs,

Pedron is a lighting design graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Lorient in France. Having worked in live music for over twenty five years, Pedron tells Stammers how her artistic curiosity brought her to discover lighting design as her medium. She talks about the importance of networking, collaboration, working within budget and her famous customised consoles! And shares thoughts on LED lighting, new technology and the architects, artists and LDs who inspire her.

Listen to the full WIL interview with Emmanuelle ‘Gigi’ Pedron here:

More information on Ayrton, its support of WIL and its full portfolio of LED lighting fixtures can be found at:


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