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Ayrton appoints BT.innotec as new exclusive distributor for Germany

Ayrton is very happy to announce the appointment of BT.innotec as its new, exclusive distributor for Germany with effect from 1st March 2023.

A brand new company yet with 44 years of professional industry experience, BT.innotec was established in 2021 by Michael Timmer and Raphael Berndzen to focus on the distribution of carefully selected professional lighting, trussing and control technology for the entertainment lighting market. The company will be responsible for the distribution and support of the entire range of Ayrton products. “Ayrton is a well‐recognized A‐brand in our industry and we are honoured to be chosen as a partner in the worldwide Ayrton sales network,” says BT.innotec managing director, Michael Timmer. “It is a great opportunity and challenge at the same time, and we are convinced that, due to

Ayrton’s technological leadership and stable product offering, there are exciting times ahead. Ayrton products are state‐of‐the‐art in their development and engineering. The combination of light output and quality of light, along with the features each product offers, is top level. Especially important is the comprehensive IP65/66 offering which will become more and more relevant for our industry because they cut down service and maintenance time and costs in these times when we are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.

“Passion, knowledge and focus – combined with trustworthiness and continuity ‐ these are the key ingredients that make an ideal distributor for Ayrton,” comments Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s global sales director. “And the moment you talk to everyone at BT.innotec, you can feel that difference. I’m glad we took the time to find the right partner moving forward. It is exciting to see their team growing as more and more well-respected industry fellows join them.”

After already adding distributors in Austria, Indonesia and the Philippines earlier this year, as well as establishing a dedicated Global Install team, Ayrton’s appointment of BT.innotec is the next, logical step to grow the positioning of the brand. The last remaining countries without distribution will follow soon. “We are convinced by our strategy to work globally through distribution,” adds Althaus, “since it simply allows us to combine the best of two worlds.”


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