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AVL WORLD Magazine: AUGUST 2023 Available Here

New Issue of AVL WORLD Magazine Now Online


  • Robe Catches The Spirit of Glastonbury

  • Elation Fuze Pendant upgrade for UK’s Royal College of Music

  • Ayrton Diablo S on tour with Diodato

  • Over 1,000 GLP fixtures light OMR Festival

  • Rob Koenig lights Metallica with Proteus Excalibur

  • Fabian Huijts and Light-H-Art deploy Martin for André Rieu

  • Claypaky and Audiosales host workshop at the Teatro Sociale

Editor's Choice:

  • Robe iESPRITE

  • CLF Poseidon WASH M

  • CHAUVET Professional Maverick Force 2 Profile

  • CHAUVET Professional Maverick Force 2 BeamWash

  • Gravity® VARI®-ARM

  • and many more products...

Regular Features

  • Appointment News

  • Live & Stage News

  • System Integration News

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