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AMX Varia Series Next‐Generation Professional Touch Panels

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, today introduced the AMX Varia family of professional‐ grade, persona‐defined touch panels, designed to adapt to the unique needs of any corporate, education, government, hospitality, entertainment, or other user environment.

Available in four screen sizes, from a diminutive 5.5‐inch to a vast 15.6‐inch, Varia panels streamline meeting spaces, boardrooms, classrooms, auditoriums and more. A dynamic architecture platform supports the diverse needs of any user to define the entire panel experience.

Features include:

Persona Apps ‐ Depending on the selected persona, Varia can transform into a full‐screen, frameless Web Kiosk for accessing web apps such as a wayfinding app, hoteling app, or custom control app; a dedicated Zoom Rooms Controller; an AMX Book Room Scheduling Panel; or an AMX G5 Control Panel.

Unmatched Mounting Flexibility ‐ Varia panels include a versatile mount that provides wall, glass, and VESA‐mounting capabilities. Optional tabletop mounting accessories are also available offering users the ability to meet any mounting need.

Any‐Color Side LEDs ‐ The side LEDs on Varia panels can be programmatically configured to any of over 16 million colors, opening a world of opportunities and applications.

Communication and Intelligence Technologies ‐ Integrated speakers, microphones, and a front‐facing HD camera enable telephony and video conferencing apps to be utilized effectively with Varia. Built‐in NFC, proximity sensing and ambient light sensing empower advanced environment integration making Varia panels some of the most versatile interfaces ever designed.

Varia touch panels are offered in two styles: Varia and Varia SL. Varia is available in three screen sizes: 8", 10.1", and 15.6" and offers unparalleled mounting flexibility. Panels can be mounted to a wall, glass, VESA‐mount, or to a tabletop via an optional accessory.

Varia SL is optimized for in‐wall installations, utilizing standard single‐ gang electrical boxes and is available in two sizes: 5.5" and 8".

Two Varia “No‐Comm” models exclude the camera, NFC, and microphone to meet the security requirements of facilities that do not allow these capabilities.

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