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A tourism cultural drama: “Qing Xi Jiang Hu” supported by Silver Star NEPTUNE moving heads

Located in a Village of Zhejiang Province, there is a tourism cultural drama: “Qing Xi Jiang Hu”.

“Qing Xi Jiang Hu” is a drama to present traditional stories in Nan Song Dynasty. It delivers the endeavor and spirit to young people. And showing the dreams of freedom and happiness!

The drama is adopting Silver Star NEPTUNE SUPER BEAM‐high power strong IP65 laser moving beam, also NEPTUNE 700 PROFILE‐IP65 moving profile, both 2 outdoor moving heads work perfectly to create an incredible performance for the audiences.

"Qingxi Jianghu" drama will be a long‐term performance in this ancient town. Since this is not only a drama, it is more like vision for our country of "common prosperity for everyone", relying on the landscape and outdoor cultural performance shows, it build up a strong bridge between countryside and urban cities, driving the cultural tourism and economy prosperous, achieving our dreams to get freedom and happiness together.

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