Yamaha DXS Subs Add Impact to WOMB


WOMB, in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan, is a prominent large-scale club that focuses on techno, drum & bass, and EDM, and frequently hosts guest artists from overseas. The sound system in the firstlevel WOMB LOUNGE was recently updated with Yamaha DSR powered loudspeakers and DXS18 powered subwoofers.

Steve Dash, a sound engineer renowned for achieving outstanding sound at large-scale clubs throughout the world, was brought in to do the main floor sound design. In addition to the 200- square-meter main floor on the second level, WOMB offers the WOMB LOUNGE on the first level, a VIP LOUNGE on the fourth level, and a VVIP TERRACE on the third level for a total of four separate club areas. The entire speaker system in the WOMB LOUNGE, with its 70- square-meter dance floor, was recently upgraded to Yamaha DSR powered loudspeakers and DXS18 powered subwoofers.

Mr. Hiromi Ohnishi, sound director at WOMB and an active DJ around the Tokyo metropolis, discusses the club’s decision to install Yamaha sound gear: “We were already using DSR112 and DSR115 full-range speakers in the MIDDLE LOUNGE on the third level, where the VVIP TERRACE is currently located. A major renovation was scheduled for the whole club in February last year, and we decided it would be a good time to update the first-level sound system as well.

We knew that our customers and guest artists were attracted by the quality of our sound, reinforced by the use of subwoofers, so naturally that played a role in our decision.

We were satisfied with the sound and safety of the DSR series, but at the time the renewal was being planned the DXS18 had not been released. We were trying to decide whether to purchase an entirely new system or use our existing full-range DSR speakers with different subwoofers, when we received news that a new subwoofer had been released, and an invitation to hear it in action. The timing was perfect, so we went to the listening event and were so impressed with the system’s power and impact with club music that we finalized our purchase decision on the spot.”

“The new WOMB LOUNGE system consists of DSR115 full-range units in each of the room’s four corners, and DXS18 subwoofers located on either side of the DJ booth. We haven’t even driven the system at full power yet, and it has plenty of power for the space. It is an excellent match for the room. We are totally satisfied with the midrange clarity of the DSR units, and the low-end support provided by the DXS subwoofers.”

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