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YAJIANG Lights Up Boao Asian BFA

Boao Asian BFABoao rural town was an unknown fishing village of Qionghai, Hainan province, until it is famous for Boao Asian BFA. Boao stands in a corner of the city, at the foot of hills and beside rivers. In the daytime, it is quiet and silent, while in the evening, Boao looks like a latent dragon in the decoration of the Yajiang AM746XCT and a variety of different effects, showing “the world, the dominant”. Boao Jinjiang Hotspring hotel is an international seaside resort with beautiful sceneries of river, lake and sea, which is not far away from the convention center of Boao rural town.The hotel building takes Yajiang SS347SWT, which is safe, reliable, easyBoao Asian BFA to operate and can perfectly present the concentrated effect, as the light source carrier creates the warm and elegant light environment for the hotel in the dark landscape, it brings the night leisure life for the people in a busy day.


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