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XL Video UK and US operation XL Video Inc. combined resources and expertise to provide LED screens, Catalyst control and crew, plus a dynamic high production value video design to impress followers of the Christ For All Nations (CFaN) Ministry for two shows staged in the Amway Centre in Orlando, Florida, USA. CFaN is led by the internationally known Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, renowned for his gospel missions throughout Africa. According to his website, Bonnke  has  personally  preached  to  over

120 million people and led 72 million in the prayer to salvation. XL Video UK’s Project  Manager  Paul  “Macca”  McCauley was  approached  by CFaN’s UK/US based Technical Production Manager Paul ”Boyo” Manuel to provide something different and innovative in terms of video reinforcement for the shows and a system design – devel- oped in conjunction with TAIT – that would not only WOW the crowds, but that enabled a 360 degree production which gave every seat in the arena an excellent view.

The concept, designed by CfaN’s Technical Director, Derek Murray, involved four large video cubes – designed and built by TAIT together with the automation engineering – that were clad with a total of 900 x Pixled F11 tiles.

These were flown above each corner of the stage and used individually for presenting IMAG footage of the stage action together with pre-recorded playback content.

The event comprised two services attract- ing   20,000   people   over   2   nights.   At one seminal moment during each of the services   –   staged   in   the   round   with audience and choir behind the stage – the inner fascias of the four cubes hinged open to join together, forming a seamless new large  rectangular  flown  video  structure. This transition was designed by Paul “Boyo” Manuel,   and   was   used   to   showcase CfaN’s footage of their huge mission crowds in Africa.

AW-4_page50_image27When this section of the service was complete, the cubes glided back to their original four corner ‘home’ positions leaving the crowds breathless with excitement and awe!

The content played out on the screens was special VT footage stored, programmed and managed / output via the Catalyst system, and this was also synched and re-sized so it could  continue playing whilst the cubes were moving into their different positions.

XL  also  supplied  165  tiles  of  Pixled  F30LED for a more conventionally positioned onstage screen at the back of the perform- ance area. This was used for messaging and  some   ambient  footage  throughout the performances, which included key inspirational speakers and several bands. Feeds  from  five  cameras  dotted  around the venue were also taken into the Catalyst and output to the F-11 in its small and large cube form.

Comfort monitors were installed into the venue’s  VIP  areas  and  screens  and  live feeds supplied for a team of interpreters who were stationed in the VIP boxes to aid the simultaneous translation of the services  into four languages. The Catalysts were triggered from a grandMA2 light console which was also controlling all the event’s lighting.

Macca worked with a team of four technicians from the UK and XL Video Inc. Project Manager Dave Hyslop. All the equipment came out of XL Video Inc., and they had a two day build period to get everything up and running. He comments, “It was a challenging brief which led us to a unique LED setup that wouldn’t look out of place on a large concert for a high profile artist … which was exactly what the team at CFaN wanted. CFaN has high production values and we helped them deliver a high-impact design  to  help  convey  their  message  to all in attendance”.

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