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WorldStage Adds Custom c3ONE LED Tiles to Inventory

WorldStage has continued its commitment to leading-edge LED display technology by expanding its inventory with highresolution c3ONE® LED tiles. The custom-designed tiles offer highly flexible configurations and dynamic designs for indoor displays. WorldStage partnered with the manufacturer to ensure that the 3.1mm pitch of c3ONE’s LED tiles are comparable, and in many ways superior, to the resolution of competitors’ 2.6mm and 2.8mm tiles. This innovative approach focused on creating a high resolution tile engineered to deliver the best image quality on the market. WorldStage has also customized c3ONE’s electronics and support accessories. WorldStage’s inventory of over 1250 full-size rectangular and half-size square tiles can cover an area over 200 by 40 feet. “We feel that many of the lower pitch products don’t look as good and tend to be fragile and heavy,” says Josh Perlman, Director of LED Services for WorldStage. “We have customized c3ONE® tiles to our specifications to be HDR-capable, high-resolution and lightweight. We also have worked with Brompton to provide superior 4K processing for c3ONE® and support for our new Spyder X80 packages.” The c3ONE® LED tiles are designed for more than just flat walls. They can accommodate creative designs of every size and shape, including surfaces with openings, right angles and curves. “We’ve built a very unique product in c3ONE® that no one else has,” notes Standard. “This new product and our expertise in LED display technology provide a high-quality, efficient and creative LED solution to a fast-growing marketplace.”

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