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WIcreations launches WImotion System for Rammstein Spectacle

Entertainment engineering specialist WI creations is delighted to be working with Rammstein and their talented production team on the current tour around the UK and Europe including Russia and Latvia. WI has designed and built six back-wall structures which are part of the set and contain integrated lighting elements. These form a grid like structure of 5 wide by 7 high sections, each measuring 6 meters wide x 11 meters high. One hundred and four Vari*Lite 6000’s moving lights, 210 Solaris Flare Q+ LED strobe / washes and six ColorForce 72 inch LED battens are integrated into these. The 400 square metre central tower – which has 23 x fascia panels in two stacks of 11 and one stack of 10 on the front – is also a WI construction.

This is made up from four vertical rails, each loaded with 11 x Robe BMFL moving lights and 10 Solaris Flare strobes. These lighting fixtures all feature individual weather protection. WI was also asked to create an easy-to-rig system for 10 kabuki drops. Six of these are deployed in the back wall area, with four more on the freestanding field towers. The WI-hoists are controlled by the WI-VSD-SIL3+ controllers. These multipurpose WImotion controllers guarantee a SIL3 safety level. At the heart of this machinery system is the WI motion controller which deals with the individual and group synchronization of all the moving chain hoists using SIL3 group position monitoring.

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