White Ayrton Ghibli for the NCPA in Beijing


Ayrton is proud to announce the installation of its first white Ghibli LED spot fixtures at the China National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Eighty of the beautiful white units were recently installed into the elegant interior of the Center’s Concert Hall by ACE, Ayrton’s distributor for China. The new lighting fixtures had to be capable of handling swift lighting changes and multiple staging configurations. ACE recommended Ghibli on the basis of it being a truly versatile fixture that can handle a variety of uses and throw distances – and be customized in appearance to blend it with the stylish surroundings. “We carried out a strict comparison and screening of a wide number of products, and it was the quiet, 600W LED Ghibli profile moving head, that we chose above them all. Ghibli far out-stripped the former 1200W discharge fixture we were replacing, and its competition,” explains Zhang Wei of ACE.

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