W-DMX Helps Illuminate The Grand Opening Of The Katara Amphitheatre



Qatar: W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution Sweden AB helped make the grand opening of the Katara Amphitheatre in Doha a truly illuminated evening. As the largest amphitheatre in the Middle East, the venue staged a special concert by the Oscar-winning composer Vangelis. A&O Technology implemented a spectacular light show by the late esteemed lighting architect Gert Hof for the concert. A&O was responsible as general contractor for the lighting and pyrotechnics including the provision of electrical power, control and programming for the light show. Only ten days had been assigned to put together a multimedia show in which at times over 350 high-powered searchlights, a variety of lighting systems, fireworks and video projection were employed simultaneously. The central section of the giant screen erected on the seaward side of the amphitheatre formed a giant arch that opened to reveal not only the sailing vessels out in the Persian Gulf but also a giant barge armed with no fewer than 90 xenon searchlights to create a blazing island of light in the ocean. W-DMX was used for two rows of 45 A&O FALCON xenon searchlights positioned on a barge just under 90 metres long and aimed towards the amphitheatre. The control of these devices was realized from a distance of 611 metres over three Universe systems with control from a MA Lighting grandMA control desk. “It’s very satisfying to see W-DMX OEM partners like A&O in such prestigious events,” comments Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, “A&O has some of the most stunning lighting available for large scale events like this. We’re very proud that W-DMX is offered in this high calibre line of products.”

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