VuePix Infiled outdoor screen for premium office tower


New VuePix Infiled ER series outdoor screen has been installed in the Atrium Green Lounge of the ‘339 Coronation Drive’ – a premium office complex in Milton, Brisbane. The VuePix team worked closely with Bil Electrical Services ‐ ULA Group’s integration partners, to deliver a perfect digital medium for this modern commercial tower. The four meter wide and 2.5 meter tall screen was installed in the busy corridor of the complex and attached to a galvanized frame that is suspended from the ceiling. VuePix Infiled ER5 high‐performance outdoor panels were a perfect fit for this project, being lightweight and slim yet durable. The screen was designed to be fully enclosed, but when deployed, both the client and our integration partner really liked the sleek finish of the system from both front and rear and decided there was no reason for additional enclosure. Perfectly positioned in this campus style office building and allowing for wide viewing angles, the screen delivers superb visuals and provides a perfect viewer experience not only from the Atrium Green Lounge and the busy café located within, but also from all the levels of the premium
commercial complex. The system is controlled by NovaStar VX6S Video Controller.

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