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VuePix Elite Football Experience

VuePix’s projects team partnered up with Vision One Technologies to deliver the ultimate virtual soccer experience at the Elite Football Training Facilities centre in Maribyrnong, Melbourne. Specifying only the best technology available on the market, the Vision One team has chosen VuePix LED signage to create 5 advertising boards (each 4m wide) and positioned them around the perimeter of each football pitch. The VuePix QE series panels feature high brightness LEDs and deliver a great visual performance in any light condition. The clip on front mask protects the panels from damage. The separate control panel at the back, containing the power supply and receiver card, can be easily replaced, reducing the servicing time to minimum. Flash Memory card was added to each LED module for on-board storage of calibration data. The VuePix LED perimeter signage was integrated with static advertising boards within the venue, simulating the traditional environment of outdoor football stadiums. The advertising boards were paired with a Bright Sign Networked Media player / Signage Playback Device to control and schedule the content. With the Network HD Touch mobile app installed on an iPad device, user control is as simple as drag’n’drop. All inputs appear in ‘realtime’ at the bottom of the screen, allowing any user to select their preferred input to any of the configured output zones. “The seamless integration of the whole system into the iPad touch control was particularly impressive to our client as it removed both the cost and the need for a third-party control interface”, says James Sismanes from Vision One. “This state-of-the-art facility has resulted in dropped jaws from everyone visiting it, even the indoor football fanatics within our own team,” adds James.

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