Vista by Chroma‐Q shines on Central Asia’s Got Talent


Lighting designer, Dmitriy Karabetskiy utilized Vista by Chroma ‐Q®’s Vista 3™ lighting & media control system to deliver spectacular lighting for the inaugural series of Central Asia’s Got Talent. Dmitriy needed to create a lighting design tailored to the unique aesthetics of each performance, which ranged from dance and vocal acts, to magicians and acrobats. An important factor in his design was the need to create synergy between the accompanying music, and video footage used for LED screens within the set. Dmitriy found Vista’s timeline and timecode features very useful for programming to the show’s format. Each performance was assigned a separate cue list, which was synchronized to the lighting and sound by MIDI timecode. He commented: “What really distinguishes Vista from other consoles I’ve tried is its Timecode editing function. Shifting the start of all cue lists to a specific time is so easy, enabling me to re‐arrange cue lists at a later date to match the final show running order. In addition, changing the timings of programmed events graphically, without having to remember the syntax of these commands, is great.” Dmitriy was also impressed by Vista 3’s improved visualizations and customizable workspaces, which have enabled him to work even faster and achieve better designs in the available production rehearsal time. The impressive rig of over 300 fixtures included various LED wash spot and beam lights, blinders, profiles and PARs.

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