Virtual studios with MGG


Technical events supplier, MGG, have set up two virtual studios at their premises to accommodate their clients’ wide range of events from conferences to product launches, live broadcasts, and music performances. MGG Project Managers, Tamsyn Strydom and Vickie Whitehead, explain how the studios came about. “I was in Durban on a big event when the first cases of Covid-19 were identified in South Africa,” Tamsyn recalls.

“Just a couple of days later, on 15 March, the president announced that large gatherings of more than one hundred people were prohibited. I remember the number of cancellations we had on that same day. It was quite a shock.” The MGG team regrouped and decided to build a virtual studio in their warehouse. “Many other rental companies immediately made this offering available, but we took a back seat and first ironed out how we could create this environment for our clients within our space, keeping in mind that we had a pandemic on our hands.” MGG initially built a large studio in Warehouse B, consisting of a stage with stairways on either side. While this stunning platform was successfully used for various events, the crew soon realized that there was a need for a smaller, corporate space. As a result, Studio A, was born and specifically designed to accommodate a green screen element. While virtual events will never replace the thrill of a live production, the platform has opened doors for the future.

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