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Virtual Harmony, a unique musical and visual experience powered by Modulo Kinetic

At the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, a unique symphonic concert was given by French violinist Renaud Capuçon and 40 musicians. Virtual Harmony took place under a 300 sqm dome with projection mapping. The immersive experience was powered by the Modulo Kinetic media server by Modulo Pi, and its new module for automatic blending and warping used as a preview. Event company Mvision oversaw the technical set-up for the event. To project onto the entire dome surface, 12 video-projectors of 30000 lumens were used. The video-projectors were fed by Modulo Kinetic, the fully integrated media server by Modulo Pi.

To seamlessly project media on the dome screen, Modulo Kinetic’s new auto-calibration module was used as a preview. Thanks to the auto-calibration system, the soft edge blending and warping was automatically calculated and implemented by Modulo Kinetic for the 12 video-projectors installed, resulting in a seamless image across the 360° dome. Renaud Gindre, Technical Director, worked on the video-projection beforehand: “In the showroom of Mvision, I could install a scale model of the dome to make all necessary tests and make sure the video-projection would work fine.” On site, the A/V team had just one night available to handle the video-projection. “This is a project I wouldn’t have done without Modulo Kinetic and the auto-calibration feature, says Renaud Gindre. Using the auto-calibration module, the blending and warping only took 5 minutes. Then, we had to make some slight adjustments so that the dome framework didn’t create unwanted spots in the projection. The auto calibration feature allowed us to be fully operational. That’s an opportunity to go for such ambitious projects even for live events.”

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