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Vasco Rocks Modena with 550 Robes in the Rig!

lightingA quarter of a million Vasco Rossi fans pack into Modena Park for the one and only 2017 live appearance by Italian superstar and local hero in an epic homecoming concert and LD Giovanni Pinna wanted to make a BIG impact for this incredible show… and utilized 550 Robes as the backbone of his rig – with 200 x Spiiders, 50 x BMFL Blades and Spots, 200 x LEDWash 1200s and 600s and 100 x LEDBeam 100s.
The set back wall comprised 45 scenic panels overlaid with a semi-transparent graphic image. In front of these, Giovanni added a matrix of silver scaffolding pipes and a matrix of lights spreading across the whole expanse which were a vital source of back light.
Downstage of that, over 800 square metres of 8 mm LED screens was divided into five sections, one central 18 metre wide by 15 metre high slab and four 9 x 15 metre sections which tracked 125 metres up and down into several
different positions throughout the show.
The main sections of the overhead lighting rig were rigged on trusses making up the six ‘towers’ that supported the LED screens at the back and included four 10 metre x 10 metre lighting pods – two above the centre section and two above the two outer towers. These four lighting pods all moved in and out on a Cyberhoist system.x

Two hundred Robe Spiiders were the main wash fixture. Ninety were attached to the back wall scaffolding matrix, 80 were positioned on the deck of the three tiered stage, with 30 on the moving lighting pods.

Giovanni wanted the house lighting completely integrated into the show … so 20 of the 30 x PA delay towers were rigged with 160 x LEDWash 1200s and 40 x LEDWash 600s, all supplied, together with the rest of the lighting rig,
by Rome based lighting rental company, BOTW.
The BMFL Blades were all concentrated in one ‘power line’ of 42 x fixtures on the floor and were also used to colour and texture the 45 x set panels. Eight BMFL Spots were rigged on the two offstage moving pods. This time
around 100 x LEDBeam 100s were divided into 10 strings of eight mounted on stands zig-zagging behind the band.

He ran the show – a total of 58 DMX universes and around 23,000 channels of lighting – from a grandMA2 full size console.
In addition to Marco, Nicholas and Ross, they were joined at FOH by Cyberhoist operator Fabrizio Astarista and Giovanni is the first to credit “amazing” BOTW lighting crew chief Fabrizio Moggio.

The d3 media server was run by Nicholas Di Fonzo. Lasers were supplied by ER from the UK with PRG Belgium delivering video, staging in conjunction with StageCo and LED screen automation via WIcreations, whose Italian partners IK Project dealt with the heavy duty automation.
This operation was overseen by Matteo Marastoni on site. The PA was supplied by Agora with the main arrays suspended on sky-hooks from two impressive 400 tonne cranes.

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