University of Johannesburg takes Prolights track system


The University of Johannesburg has recently upgraded its track lighting system used in its SARChI Art Gallery, as a direct replacement to the old system that had no mode of controlling, dimming, or shaping the light, all essential aspects to lighting their art as more demanding exhibitions required. South African lighting specialist Movie vision was contracted to upgrade the system to PROLIGHTS: “Our suggestion was to get a lighting solution that would not only light the gallery in a more professional manner but also to give them the option to be able to upgrade, remove or add fixtures anytime they would feel the need to,” said Ruan Marais, Sales Executive at Movievision. The wide variety of EclMiniProfile fixtures offered by PROLIGHTS made the solution very easy. The team chose the cool‐white LED variant as the best for their upcoming exhibitions ‐ the gallery took on a total of fifteen EclMiniProfile TRDY’s with an Ivela track system. Due to the size of the room and the positioning of the artwork, Movievision chose 11×36° lenses & 4×50°lenses. “With the built‐in dimmer, shutter blades and focus, the gallery is now able to light their artwork in a way which breathes new life into any exhibition they have now or may host in the future,” Ruan said. He added: “With the great variety of quality products which PROLIGHTS offer, the ECLMiniProfile range offers amazing versatility to art galleries, museums and commercial product lighting. Ease of use, outstanding light output and visually attractive.”

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