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University of Johannesburg and DWR Tech Bootcamp

The University of Johannesburg and DWR had a collaborative effort to kickstart an interest in the industry with a UJ Tech Bootcamp Workshop aimed at Highschool students and teachers who are involved in drama. The event started on the 12th of April and continued to the 14th, a 3- day crash course designed to peak interest and educate. DWR wanted to have an environment where the students could feel part of the industry they were exploring and the UJ Arts and Culture theatre provided just that with the addition of the knowledgeable Jade Bowers who works at UJ as the Stage Manager and Production liaison. With the setting under wraps, the next step was to get the best possible instructors to impart their knowledge. DWR’s Michael Broderick, Jannie de Jager and Jaco Beukes were chosen to each talk about a specific function related to the industry. Day1 of the event involved the delivery of equipment and the set up. Jaco handled the audio set up- the DiGiCo S21, an Audix Q7 microphone, the L-Acoustics Syva and a Quest Sub. Michael and Jannie handled the lights which were UJ’s own, a few Parcan lights used to set the atmosphere. Jannie ensured they were all properly secured and then met with UJ’s grandMA1 Light to get the lights on and focused.

The next day was Jannie de Jager’s turn to inspire. Jannie’s course reaffirmed the building of the basics, making sure the simpler tasks were carried out efficiently will ensure a smooth running, great atmosphere and safety. He explained why the simpler tasks such as cable rolling and knots were important, they ensure quality and again safety. Next, the students were all involved in a one on one guide on how to focus lights and control the lights through UJ’s grandMA1. Sunday, 14th April was the sound day. Jaco Beukes’ crash course was centred around the fact that most people are aware of sound in terms of what sounds good and bad whether they are conscious of it or not. He had the L-Acoustics’ Syva hooked up for control on the DiGiCo S21 for the mixing and sound of an Audix OM7 dynamic microphone. Students were asked to talk or sing if they were willing and Jaco broke down the basics of what it takes to get the mix right.

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