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Ultra Events Goes Mega

Ultra Events is a premium technical supply and production company based in Cape Town, South Africa, owned and run by Costa Champanis … and is the latest in several rental companies in the region to invest in Robe’s hugely popular MegaPointe multi-functional luminaire. Ultra took delivery of four units initially with the rest to follow soon! Right from the start Costa was aware of the kudos and perception that investing in internationally known and recognised brands would bring, and this philosophy led him to Robe as they purchased washes – both LEDWashes and the original ColorWash discharge series – and more recently Pointes. Immediately the Pointes were onboard, the demand was so great that they upped the initial four units to 24 in less than a year! Based on their success with the Pointes and the intense demand on riders for MegaPointes, they ordered these from South African distributor, DWR.
Ultra Events is active all over Africa, however it’s still very important to stay ahead of the game in the highly competitive local market in and around Cape Town! So, the increasing requests for MegaPointes, and the fact that Costa and the team like to have popular kit in stock rather than cross hire, fuelled the investment. Costa feels that in a world of very few independently owned lighting companies, Robe is really listening to what the market is wanting and needing … and responding with appropriate products. He adds that DWR’s superlative service – something we hear repeated constantly – is also “extremely important! Half the sale is that you get that DWR support … and half is the actual product itself” he declares.


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