Ultra‐HD VuePix screen for the 1st on Wharf Tavern


Twin Towns, the iconic entertainment venue on the boarder of NSW and QLD, has upped the ante on big screens with a new VuePix ultra‐HD screen, installed at the 1st on Wharf Tavern. The giant 5.4m wide by 2m high centre piece commands your attention from the moment you step through the doors. Featuring VuePix Infiled flagship LED system – Digital Wallpaper and with 1.2mm pixel pitch and over 7million pixels in total, the screen is the first of its kind installed in NSW.

“Nothing creates a better sports bar atmosphere then having a high definition mega screen streaming live sports,” comments Lachlan Donaldson, the Operations & Production Manager at Twin Towns. “And we were looking for cutting edge technology, the best on the market! The new Digital Wallpaper super screen was seamlessly attached to the wall, thanks to the slimline railing system, fitting perfectly within the current structures and designs of the venue. OneSol Contracting were engaged to manage the integration. “The whole installation process was very straight forward, we were actually installing the screen while the tavern was in operation and our loyal patrons became invested in the process, commenting on how great the new screen looks and inviting their friends to watch the transformation of their favourite venue”, says Lachlan. “Once the screen went live for the first time, they were all blown away, including us! The image quality is superb and the colours and content look so unreal!” The content for the screen is being managed by the NovaStar H5 All‐in one processor.

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