UJ Arts and Culture Centre invests in MA3


The University of Johannesburg recently invested in an MA3 compact console for the UJ Arts and Culture Center, situated on the institution’s Kingsway Campus in Auckland Park. Jannie de Jager of DWR Distribution, MA Lighting’s sole distributor in South Africa, recently facilitated training at the institution to ensure that the theater’s crew can make the best of the new console, as well as the newly launched MA3 platform. Jade Bower has served as the production manager at the UJ Arts and Culture Centre for several years and is very pleased with the theaters’ latest acquisition. “The UJ Arts and Culture Center provides students at the university access to theater and the performing arts, which is an important part of providing a holistic education,” Jade explains. “While we do not have a drama department at the university, our students benefit enormously from taking part in productions and in the running of the theater while they pursue their degrees in various disciplines.”

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