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UJ Arts and Culture Centre invests in MA3 compact

University of Johannesburg in South Africa has invested in an MA3 compact console for the UJ Arts and Culture Centre, situated on the institution’s Kingsway Campus in Auckland Park. Jade Bower has served as the production manager at the UJ Arts and Culture Centre for several years and is very pleased with the theaters’ latest acquisition. “The UJ Arts and Culture Centre provides students at the university access to theater and the performing arts, which is an important part of providing a holistic education,” Jade explains. Reflecting on her decision to purchase the MA3 compact console, Jade states that she felt it important that the institution invests in the appropriate infrastructure to ensure that the lighting rigs at the main theater, as well as the University’s two auxiliary performance spaces, allow for future growth and gradual modernization.

“While our lighting rig is still primarily comprised of generic fixtures, I felt that it was wise to invest in a console that would facilitate our gradual move towards an LED-based rig, which is in line with international standards and current technology trends. It was a big decision for us, as buying a new console represents a sizable investment for our facility, but we are all very excited about what the acquisition will do for the space,” she adds. Explaining why she elected to go with the MA3 compact, Jade states: “I spoke with a number of lighting designers, to ask their opinions on the console of choice for the venue, and the overwhelming majority expressed excitement about what MA3 would be bringing to the table. Also, I know and trust that the DWR team will always go above and beyond for their clients. We have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect over the years and, as a result, they are our provider of choice.”

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