TechData installs HARMAN networked audio and control solutions in Oryun Community Church


TechData Co. Ltd. recently provided Oryun Community Church in Seoul and its newly-built religious retreat, Oryun Vision Village, with end-to-end HARMAN Professional Solutions audio and control systems. At Oryun Vision Center, TechData selected a combination of JBL VTX V20 and VT4886 line array loudspeakers with VTS S25 subwoofers to provide adequate power and coverage for the main sound reinforcement system. Twoway JBL AC15, AC18/26 and AM512/95 loudspeakers supplement the main system, providing high output and full-range sound in compact form factors with 5.25″, 8″ and 12″ low frequency drivers, respectively. Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD and 12000HD amplifiers, supplemented by DCi 8|600N and 2|600N models, provide plenty of power and headroom for the extensive sound system. BSS BLU-806 and BLU-50 signal processors form a powerful digital audio network that offers flexible routing and powerful DSP across the complex system. On stage, AKG C568B shotgun microphones provide clean, isolated signals and WMS 420 wireless microphone kits give worship leaders and speakers freedom of movement while delivering crystal-clear sound.

JBL VP7212MDP powered stage monitors ensure that everyone onstage can hear clearly, and musicians use dbx PMC16 personal monitor controllers to fine-tune their own monitor mixes. Church staff use Soundcraft Vi3000 and Si Expression 2 digital consoles and JBL LSR308 8″ powered studio monitors to deliver clear, powerful live mixes for the congregation. TechData also included a JBL EON206P portable PA system for outdoor and remote events. For Oryun Vision Village, TechData selected a similar range of HARMAN solutions. JBL VTX line array loudspeakers and subwoofers form the main sound system, with JBL M20 dual 10″ powered monitors on stage. Crown I-Tech amplifiers and BSS BLU signal processors form a flexible audio network, controlled by compact yet powerful Soundcraft Vi1 and Si Impact digital mixers. AKG D5, C5 and C451 microphones deliver clear, high-fidelity sound on stage for a wide range of instruments and voices. To make the entire system easier to use, Tech Data installed AMX touch panel control systems for intuitive operation.

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