TechData Co., Ltd. upgrades the sound system at South Korea’s Busan Peniel Church


To provide clear and impactful sound for worship services and other functions, TechData Co., Ltd. recently outfitted Busan Peniel Church with a state-of-theart HARMAN audio system. TechData upgraded the church’s main sound system with JBL VRX932LA-1 line array loudspeakers. Crown XTi Series amplifiers power the JBL line arrays. The XTi amplifiers feature HiQnet System Architect control software, which provides full control of routing, EQ, crossover and more via USB, allowing users to fine-tune the system for optimal performance.

Additional features include sub-harmonic synthesis for extra low-end and Peakx Plus Limiters to protect the system from extreme signal peaks. A Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for mixing sound in the church. With 32 microphone inputs and up to 80 total channels of powerful DSP, the Si Impact can handle anything from a simple sermon to a full band and choir. The streamlined, hands-on interface with illuminated FaderGlow controls simplifies even the most complex mixes. On stage, a Soundcraft MSB32i Mini Stagebox puts all 32 mic inputs within easy reach, while dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controllers allow church musicians to adjust their own monitor mixes with ease.

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