TechData Co. Helps Hyundai Deliver an Immersive Guest Experience


Audio integrator TechData Co. recently installed a complete audio system by HARMAN Professional Solutions at the Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang Experience Center. To ensure an immersive media experience for visitors, Hyundai hired Klangerfinder & Idee und Klang to create a unique sound design for the exhibition space, complemented by media hardware designed by Medienprojekt P2. “The challenge was creating a balance between the look and feel of the space, and the technologies that create the experience,” said SJ Rhee, TechData Co. To ensure optimum audio coverage and clarity in the facility’s main exhibition space, TechData installed JBL PD6000, PD500, CBT, AE and AE Compact Series speakers throughout the space to deliver consistent level and high output with low frequency support provided by ASB6112 and ASB6128V subwoofers. TechData also installed CBT Series column loudspeakers, which utilize analog delay beam-forming and amplitude tapering to accomplish consistent vertical coverage,

without the narrow vertical beaming and out-ofcoverage lobing that is typical of straight form-factor passive column speakers. In addition to the exhibition space, TechData installed speakers in other areas throughout the facility, including Control 26CT speakers in the restaurant and weather-resistant Control 88M landscape speakers in the fourth floor terrace. The diverse array of solutions in the JBL Control Contractor Series enabled TechData to provide aesthetically matching in-ceiling and surface-mount speakers in the cafeteria, elevator lobby, driving registration and restroom areas. EON600 Series speakers extend the audio experience outside the building and into the parking lot. TechData also installed a BSS Soundweb Contrio EC4BV for advanced volume control and source selection. “One of the highlights is the 4D room, where visitors can experience off-road racing in a rally car that makes them feel like they are in an amusement park, with HARMAN audio providing the soundtrack,” said Kyoo Hong Min, Account Manager, TechData. 

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