TEC selects Modulo Kinetic to power projection mapping for National Reconciliation Week 2020 in Australia


Each year in Australia, National Reconciliation Week celebrates and builds on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians. In 2020, The Electric Canvas (TEC) was approached to project onto the Carillon in Canberra over the eight nights of Reconciliation Week, with each night dedicated to a different Indigenous organization or in observation of key dates. Over little more than two weeks, TEC’s creative department engaged with eight separate organizations, as well as Indigenous artists, in order to develop their pieces for projection.

The National Carillon is a 50m high musical instrument made of three triangular columns that are six meters wide on each facet. The design process was further complicated by the need to consider viewing angles and distances that varied from 100m to over 850m, and from almost anywhere around the Parliamentary Triangle. Key messaging had to consider all the possible vantage points, and TEC had to educate the contributing artists and stakeholders on what the opportunities and limitations were with regard to the content. The National Capital Authority had also taken a decision to open the island to limited numbers of people, so TEC also had to allow for very close proximity viewing. “This created an opportunity to present something more intimate, with a lot of detail, that could be seen closeup,” relates Peter Milne, TEC’s managing director. “The tower locations were chosen to provide a clean shot at an internal facet. This allowed us to project text and explanatory items on an internal facet that you couldn’t see from anywhere else.” TEC set‐up four projection towers, each home to three 25K Christie Crimson laser projectors running in portrait mode. Projection mapping and media playback was handled by 3 x Modulo Kinetic media servers.

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