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Studio Lighting Workshop in Johannesburg

Experienced lighting designer for both South African and international studio and television productions, Peter Rieck of Rieck’s Lighting, shared his knowledge and skill by presenting a Studio Lighting Workshop hosted recently at DWR Distribution, Johannesburg. From the moment the workshop was advertised on social media, there were inquiries from delegates around the country who hoped the course could also be held in Cape Town or Durban. “Let’s see our response in Johannesburg first,” said Peter Rieck, who was admittedly nervous about presenting his first ever training session. But he had nothing to fear with a full house of dynamic and young industry professionals who went home with a wealth of knowledge.

Covering both basic lighting principles and advanced lighting techniques, Peter referred to his vast experience in the industry to cover topics such as the rigging of lighting fixtures, networking, power supply and distribution, the camera interface, technical tools and concepts like F-Stops, CRI, TLCI, colour temperature, waveform monitors, vectors copes and makeup, hard versus soft lighting and how to light faces for different effects. Lighting is all about exposure, modelling, depth, mood and effect. “If we gain a clear understanding of how these different elements operate and interact with each other, you start to learn how to bring a real sense of life to your two-dimensional medium,” he said. “And if you have this technical know how – and you see issues coming up in your work environment – then you are empowered to fix the problem before it gets to edit.” Said Duncan Riley of DWR, “Peter is such a humble and approachable mover and shaker in the industry. He shared his experiences and knowledge on a practical level and we believe that this will be the first of many more training sessions to come.”

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