St David's Hall Gets FLX-able Lighting Control Solution


A Zero 88 FLX lighting console has been chosen by Cardiff’s St David’s Hall venue, primarily to control lighting for their Foyer Stage (also known as the L3 Lounge). The FLX was selected by stage technician and main house lighting operator Emma Nicholson, who until recently was part of a technical team of five running all the in-house audio, lighting and staging requirements. St David’s Hall has lighting rigs installed in all three of its main spaces and fixtures can be colored and re-focused as needed to complement the performance. The main hall has a full moving light and stage rig which can be utilized by incoming productions, or they can even choose to bring in their own complete systems. The Foyer Stage lighting rig comprises some moving wash lights and around 20 generics – a mix of PARs, profiles and fresnels, for which they needed a small, flexible user-friendly solution to ensure the potential of the lighting rig was maximized. Emma first saw the FLX in action at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama where she also teaches. “We all liked the look of the desk – the physical faders and buttons and how instantly and easily switchable it was between a busking scenario and running a tightly pre-programmed show” Emma stated, adding that the service from the Zero 88 team in Cwmbran was also excellent.

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