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SSL Live wins praise from Lorde Tour

Singer, songwriter, Lorde has been out on her international Melodrama tour, and front of House Engineer Philip J Harvey has been along for the ride, with the special honour of engineering on the first international tour on the road with the new L-Acoustics L-ISA Live multichannel immersive technology. To complement this, Harvey needed a console that could do justice to the band and L-ISA, so he chose SSL Live. The stage set-up is relatively simple. An acoustic drum kit, guitar amp, and vocals are the main analogue sources, with two keyboard stations and triggered drum samples making up the rest. “It’s a nice, quiet stage,” says Harvey. “…As the majority of the inputs are the Keyboards, software synths, and playback… I have 34 inputs from stage, plus clicks, guides, and so on.” The L-Acoustics L-ISA Live uses multi-array ‘scene’ technology to distribute up to 96 objects (console channels) across the full width of the performance space in either ‘Wide’ or ‘Focussed’ deployments, depending on the show requirements. Object panning is taken care of by the L-ISA system, as is spatial configuration and 3D processing – using the L-ISA Room Engine. The SSL L500 Plus at FOH was supplied by Firehouse Productions based in Las Vegas and New York.Lorde has a relatively straight forward vocal chain because, as Harvey explains: “She is a strong singer and delivers a lot to work with.” After the SSL Stageboxes, she has the channel EQ and dynamics, including the SSL De-esser, then onto a couple of choice Waves plug-ins, before returning to the console ready for direct output to the L-ISA processor.

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