Spectrum Sound Joins Adamson Sales & Rental Network


Spectrum Sound Inc., one of Music City’s most revered production rental houses, has joined the Adamson sales and rental network with a significant investment in a new E-Series and S-Series audio system. According to CEO and President Ken Porter, the purchase and new relationship with Adamson was spurred by widespread customer demand across the various sectors that Spectrum serves. Spectrum Sound recently hosted Adamson’s Applied Certification and Sales training at its headquarters in August 2017, ensuring its staff is fully prepared to support their customers with optimally designed and operated systems. In addition to promoting Adamson solutions for sales and integration applications, Spectrum Sound will keep a system at its headquarters to demo for its many high-profile clients and collaborators. Porter also recognizes an opportunity to supplement large-scale touring systems for international artists already touring with Adamson products. “We’re very excited to be working with another major player like Spectrum Sound, which boasts a reputation second to none in our industry,” comments Marc Weber, Director of Product and Brand Management at Adamson. “Looking back at a long and successful cooperation with Spectrum throughout my career, I can say that their professional relationships, designs, and performance in the field are all impressive. It’s a pleasure to work with the team at Spectrum Sound and we look forward to supporting their future success with Adamson.”

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