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South African Roadies Association continue to shape the future with DWR’s help

The joint effort of DWR Distribution and the South African Roadies Association continue in helping the youth, the future of this industry. After extensive lighting and console training and an Audio-Visual session the next subject to tackle would be sound. Jaco Beukes from DWR Distribution headed over to SARA to do just that, tackle the subject of Sound. SARA had their DiGiCo SD9 Console on hand, making the learning process easier as the theory could be directly applied with the practical support of an industry leading console. Knowing that the students already had some sound experience under their belt Jaco took an open approach to the teaching method.

He asked the class what they hoped to get out of it, “I didn’t want to re-hash what they knew in different words. I wanted to get their input in what they felt they needed to strengthen,” says Jaco. This approach was a hit, the students became eager and willing because they could see they were the at the centre of learning rather than the learning being something the had to do, it became something they wanted. “I ran through all their questions about working on DiGiCo and sound in general. Inputs, outputs, patching, routing, mixing for live sound. It was pretty comprehensive and the students seemed very happy with their questions being answered.

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