Sound Design's NEXO STM System for Gavin James

Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James has played one of the biggest shows of his young life, at the 3 Arena in Dublin. It was also one of the biggest indoor shows of the year for Irish rental company Sound Design, using its new NEXO STM Series modular line array systems for the first time on an arena-sized live music event. This was in fact the first deployment of Sound Design’s newly-purchased STM system with M28 omnipurpose cabinets. At FOH was well-known live sound engineer Marc Carolan, supported by Eddie O’Brien, one of his regular techs who is also system engineer for Sound Design. Initial system designs for the production were generated on NEXO’s proprietary NS-1 modelling software by John Vickers and Eddie O’Brien of Sound Design, as well as Val Gilbert from NEXO’s Engineering Support Team.

The main PA was rigged with 18x STM M28 cabinets per side, with flown STM S118 subs to create a full-range left/ right system. On the ground, another 20x subs were used to create a supplementary subbass arc. The outfill hangs consisted of STM M28 cabinets. And at the rear of the arena, under the balcony were compact GEO M6 line array modules. “These cabinets were firing in towards the bars, which made a massive difference to the show and the atmosphere,” says John Vickers, MD of Sound Design.

Monitor engineer Paul Moore used 12 NEXO 45°N-12 array monitors on stage, and 2 x RS15s on the drum mix.

Side fills used a stack per side, each with 1 x STM M46, plus 1 x STM B112 and 1 x STM S118 sub. Power was provided by a total of 4 x NEXO NUAR racks.

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