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Slovenian National TV invests in Robe BMFL follow spots

Slovenian National Television (Radiotelevizija Slovenija – RTV) has invested in two Robe BMFL Blades complete with side-mounting LightMaster kits which enable the units to be used as manually operated follow spots in their studios and for OB productions. The decision to purchase was made by Bojan Lenart, head of lighting and Bojan Repić, chief technologist for the broadcaster, together with others on their lighting team. “There was absolutely no other product out there like this which has the side mounting control capabilities” commented Bojan Lenart. The BMFL LightMaster is an accessory kit comprising externally mounted programmable follow spot handles, a control panel and two individual faders. “We’re very happy with the BMFLs – they are more than powerful enough for our needs, and even when running in ‘silent’ mode at lower brightness, we still have more than enough brightness for front lighting and highlighting performers” said Bojan Lenart.

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