Silverstar IP moving heads shine at the Atlantis Hotel


Early 2021, “C show”, a large‐scale original fantasy show, has entered into Sanya Atlantis resort in Hainan Province, China. and performs regularly in the Dolphin Bay theater. “C show” tells an old and mysterious legend about the ocean. Atlas, the son of the ocean, unintentionally saves Nadia, the forest princess who is cursed by sea monsters and became a swan. However, the evil sea monsters use the curse to take Nadia away, so Atlas embarks on the journey to find his beloved. “C show” is created by the top domestic team and international industry experts, including various performance elements such as water ballet, dance, acrobatics and air art. It also adopts Hainan’s first largescale water show with 3D water stage combined with water, land and air. The capacity of the central water stage reaches 7000 cubic meters, equal to the capacity of four Olympic standard swimming pools, which is a new high record towards the water performance. The world leading stage technology under the water can instantly create a dazzling effect on the surface of the water. With the effect of Yajiang lighting equipment, the performance is ups and downs, catches people’s eyes, transports the audience to the Atlantis ocean, let them enjoy in the fantasy world. The theater selects two kinds of LED from Yajiang Silver Star: NEPTUNE 400 HYBRID and NEPTUNE1500 PROFILE, striving for the perfection of the “C show”. NEPTUNE 400 HYBRID is a powerful IP hybrid moving head, with high efficient optics, wide zoom angle from 3‐30°. It has smooth and accurate X/Y movement, equipped with professional frost and aperture, flexible light spot and perfect effect. NEPTUNE 1500 PROFILE is a high power LED moving spot + profile, equipped with the intelligent electronic zoom of 7°‐50°, the Max. output is 71000lx @ 5m. With the unpredictable light effect on Neptune 400 hybrid and Neptune 1500 profile, the performance is more incisive and fascinating, and wins the praise and pursuit of many audiences, adding luster to Sanya’s leisure tourism market.

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