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Silver Star Support the “Dreaming Back to Zhongshan Kingdom”

Dreaming Back to Zhongshan KingdomThe magnificent acrobat drama Dreaming Back to Zhongshan Kingdom, was programmed and performed by Hubei acrobatic troupe entertainment Ltd, at Shijiazhuang Theatre center on Nov.19th; This drama have creatively mixing multiple artistic elements by applying acrobatic, Kungfu and Legend Love story, showing the ancient Zhongshan Kingdom culture; The dazzle lighting and grand music enhance the performance effect, and all the audience were amused by this wonderful show.

To make a great show, the Lighting designer chooses the Silverstar LED ellipsoidal ECLIPSE 750 HD, SUPER SOLAR -2ze/ETZ, and the brand-new Moving profile PLUTO 600 for this project.
PLUTO 600 | SS660SC is a high-power professional LED profile moving head with 5°-50° Electronic zoom system. It is a kind of final version stage light with high speed, accurate and efficient motor can provide not only large pan angle and tilt angles but also with smooth and high speed. SS660SC has image-cutting system can cut out any polygon, and with zoom, focus, prism, color wheel, CMY, rotation gobo wheel, iris, frost can supply high-quality beam colors and gobos. SS660SC is equipped with animation wheel which can create dynamic water and dynamic fire effect. SS660SC is design for the cultural center, function hall, banquet hall, rental performance market.

LD comments:
Compact: 483x282x720mm.
Lightweight: 34kg; The most compact
fixture among the industry in China.
Super stable Lux-ouput; Most efficient
Heat-sink system.
Clear and crisp projection, Sharp and
Strict Mass-production control for
Color/output consistency.
Applied with the most advanced LED


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