Silver Star LEDs create a vivid show for CCTV GALA


The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is an important festival of the Chinese people all over the world. This year, CCTV gala still kept to its popular method of having simultaneous live broadcasts from “main venue and sub venues”, where the main venue is in Beijing, and sub venues are in different cities around China.

This is a very creative way to bring the show outside, and to be connected to more people, thus creating a joyous atmosphere for the audiences. A successful GALA can’t be without a fantastic stage and lighting design. As Silver Star is the leading brand of professional stage lighting in China, its powerful LED Strobe- Raytheon SS353SCM fixture was chosen to light up in the show, and also at the GALA show in Liaoning province, it also utilized Silver Star LED moving head wash PLUTO4000XE SS656XCE fixtures. The main theme color for the GALA was red, which is the traditional and sacred color, and it reflects the festive atmosphere. Silver Star lighting fixtures combined with the highly creative stage design created a brilliant and vivid show that represents the splendor of the traditional Chinese culture.

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