Silver Star helps Shanghai Opera present the ultimate lighting effect


As the first professional opera in China, Shanghai Opera focuses on high quality classical music performances. It has 1200 audience seats and a multi-layer stepped seat design, so that every audience can get an impressive performance experience. In March 2019, in order to protect historical buildings, solve the problem of aging buildings and facilities that cannot meet higher standards of performances, and improve performance and viewing effect, Shanghai Opera officially launched the overall renovation project, and updated the stage facilities. In this project, the stage lighting system design is configured in accordance with the rules and special use requirements of stage art performances.

The purpose is to enhance the emotion of the audiences, and at the same time highly improve the lighting equipment required for various performing arts, so that the stage lighting system can accurately and successfully serve the performance. To achieve this goal, it must not only ensure that the stage lighting system has ultra-high efficiency, but also must ensure high temperature resistance and silent operation. Therefore, Shanghai Opera has selected nearly 100 pcs FREZNO ze-2 RGBAL and ECLIPSE 750 HD lighting products from Silver Star. The incredible soft and uniform lighting atmosphere makes the musicians and audience can be fully immersed in the music world. Its unique dynamic dimming technology greatly improves the lighting flexibility of the entire venue, allowing more creative space for lighting design, and product operation is very stable, customers can fully enjoy the performances without any worrying on the quality. After 1.5 year of closed repairs, Shanghai Opera was reborn and opened its doors to the public again on September 6th, 2020. There is no doubt that Silver Star products have uniform lighting effects, high efficiency of light output, and perfect profile quality. The dexterous structural design will surely bring you a brand new experience.

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