Showtec Adds ARX MSX 48 Splitters



Pictured with Showtec’s 64 Channel MSX 48 Splitter Rack are
Monitor Engineer Muhd Nurhisham and FOH Engineer Danny Lee

Singapore: Showtec Communications have added 3 units of ARX MSX 48 16 Channel Mic/Line Splitter to their existing ARX inventory bringing their total MSX 48 channel count up to 112. Showtec’s Audio Production Manager Chandra Mohan confirmed that the first outing for Showtec’s expanded MSX 48 Splitter Racks will be the feature celebrations for Singapore’s 47th National Day to be held at The Float @ Marina Bay, Singapore. This year Showtec’s Audio System will feature 32 replay tracks from a Pro Tools HD system and 36 channels of Shure UHF-R radio mics mixed for FOH on an Avid Venue D-Show console (96ch in – 32ch out) feeding a d&b FOH System consisting of 64 x J-8 and 32 x J-SUB loudspeakers powered by D-12 amplifiers. Monitors Mixer duties are to be provided by an Avid Venue Profile console (94ch in – 40 chs out) feeding 40 Sennheiser IEM systems from 12 transmitters. Chandra advised that all ProTools tracks, Radio Mics and Line Level signals are being split via their seven units of MSX 48 Mic / Line Splitters. Founded in 1992 Singapore based Showtec’s extensive regional coverage now includes branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.


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